“I am awed and impressed by your book of poems, been moved to laughter and tears. What a wonderful expression of love for your family and life.”

“I grew up in the fifties. I never really thought about my parents having feelings and thoughts about their lives. When I read the book, I felt close to my mother, who has been gone for a few years now.”

“I brought your book with me on vacation, and have been reading it everyday. Sometimes I cry. Sometimes I laugh. Sometimes I think that if I had written things down, years ago, like you, perhaps they would have gone better.”

“Your book is making the rounds of our women’s group.”

“Your book is a treasure. Your sentiments, thoughts, and love so genuine, so well said. You captured it for everyone, way beyond your immediate family. I would like to thank you for finding words in myself that had long been stilled, and sharing thoughts that I thought were mine alone, and now somehow connect and feel more valid. Thank you, Mary. I shall treasure many moments with your book.”

“What a delightful surprise! Yesterday I received your ‘Four My Daughters’ and spend a lovely evening reading and re-reading the poems. I smiled, chuckled and was often dewy-eyed over your words. My very grateful thanks to you and my dear Jo for this lovely gift. Sincerely, Evelyn.”

“I was skimming through the book, and found the poem about the furnace — “Ted Has Gone to England” (P. 135). You didn’t know he was not coming back. I found myself crying.”

“Received your book yesterday, started flipping through, then actually reading. Read it cover to cover, couldn’t put it down, skipped lunch, cried all afternoon.”

“Me too! About the crying, I mean. I had to ask the flight attendant for more napkins on the way home and that was my second time through the book!”

“I have to say, I think the name of the book is brilliant for starters, and from tearing up at “Margot’s Soft Present” (P. 126) to laughing out loud at “A Tassel Hat” (P. 164), it’s a truly wonderful book from the front cover picture to the final boob shot. Thanks so very very much for a wonderful book.”

“I just got my copy, and had to phone you. I found myself stopping to remember things about those times, and about our times spent together. Please send me two more for Christmas presents!”