Four My Daughters

Cover Image from Blurb Preview - FrontFour My Daughters is Mary Yuill’s accidental journal, written through whimsical, honest, and compassionate poetry, to her four daughters as they grew through the 1950s, 60s, and 70s. The story of their lives is told through all the laughter, wonder, and tears that come with the first day of school, caring for an aging parent, the threat of cancer, lasting friendships, and holiday traditions. Central to the story, is the tragic loss of her husband at the hands of a drunk driver and how it changed their lives forever.

The words and photos contained in Four My Daughters transport readers back to days gone by – when school girls wore tunics to school, when post-war housing was the place to live, and when television was black and white. But you’ll be surprised by the timelessness of her writing; how mothers are still in awe of how their children grow, how moments of peace and quiet are stolen out of busy days, and how a word from a friend can brighten your day.

Four My Daughters is widely appealing. Everyone will find truth and comfort in its pages. It holds encouragement and wisdom for parents of newborns, young children, and adventurous teens; as well as, those with an empty nest. It consoles those who have battled cancer, or cared for the aged. It speaks to those who can barely put into words the grief caused by the untimely death of a loved one.

Four My Daughters contains the compelling but subtle message of “Think before you Drink,” as the devastating consequences of irresponsible drinking are revealed through Mary Yuill’s personal and honest account. She offers gentle and genuine solace to those who grieve. She speaks of marriage and parenting, with and without a partner… as best you can, and as one day follows the next. It is about sickness and health, work and play, busy-ness and laziness. The book is a reminder to enjoy the simple, sweet moments of life as they unfold. Pick this book up, read a verse or two, and you will be captivated.

Four My Daughters is dedicated to those who have had their lives permanently changed by someone who chose to drive a vehicle while impaired. It is a powerful reminder that life can be changed in a blink… forever.

Mary Yuill offers this delightful collection of verse to new and not-so-new daughters, wives, aunts, mothers, grandmothers, and great-grandmothers… and all those who love them. She is a native of Saint John, New Brunswick, and lived most of her adult life on the west island of Montreal, Québec. She now lives in Ottawa, Ontario, where she counts her blessings, and smiles at the ever-increasing number of pictures on top of her piano.