mary-yuillNannah writes poetry, paints with acrylics, counts her blessings, and smiles at the ever-increasing number of pictures on top of her piano.

If ever you have the good fortune of visiting Nannah at her place, be sure to ask about …

Her Poetry – Journals and letter-writing are fine, but Nannah is at her best writing poetry … whether it’s a birthday to greet, a thank-you to send, a problem to solve, or a feeling to vet. Make sure to get your hands on a copy of her books, “Four My Daughters” and “Pairs.” They are both keepers.

Her Paintings – Well, you won’t have to go very far to see them. Her condo is full of wonderful colours and images. On second thought, you could go far. Her paintings are spread all over Canada too … precious keepsakes for family and friends.

Her Love – That’s what it’s all about. Right? Give Nannah an opportunity to gather with family, friends, and neighbours … and you’ve got yourself a party.

Her Stuff – She’s got lots of it … old and new … each with a story, a memory, purpose, or some other interesting feature to investigate and try out. She’s got puzzles for kids, card games and Scrabble, Louis L’Amour westerns, family photos, dancin’ music, and always something yummy in the fridge.